Our Services

Teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship are the ingredients that make Basal a reality today.

Back Office

Asian factory purchases, supplier selection consulting, quality control, monitoring and production control.

Manufacturing audit: existence, legality and location of supplier that has an infrastructure and production capacity, quality certifications, clients, annual sales, and product data sheet that ensures the viability of purchase and business.

Inspection, monitoring and quality control: product quantities by sampling, quality of materials, dimensions, measurements, sizes, designs and technical specifications of its elaboration, development of labels, repackaging.


Organization of missions, trade agendas and visit to fairs

We send detailed reports and samples -if it´s required- of the factories that are chosen.

Business agendas and trade mission organization: Basal Trading gives you advice and information on obtaining the Chinese visa, reservation of air tickets, reception at the China and Hong-Kong airports, hotel reservation, preparation of business agenda with pre-established appointments with factories and visits to trade fairs.

Business advisor: we provide you the service of a bilingual business interpreter for your negotiation.


Consulting in International Trade

The regulatory framework in China requires having strategic allies that know the country and are part of its business ecosystem with real foreign trade operations.
Today we have an operating license as a foreign company registered in China until 2051, for this reason we have the suitability to represent our clients by developing consulting processes in exports and imports and executing projects with a high level of innovation.

Integral Logistics

  • Container reserve and maritime freight agreement, warehouse rental and cargo consolidation (if the customer buys from more than 2 suppliers and a single container).
  • Export expenses payments: documentation, transport from the warehouse to the seaport. 
  • Land freight in China.
  • Container Inspection and verification of optimal conditions for loading.
  • Receiving and sending of BL (Export bill of lading) via email.

Integral export service

After completing the supplier audit stage, we help you build your purchasing portfolio, consolidate 1 or more suppliers on a single invoice, and integrate an export operation.


Basal Fairs

Canton Fair: We have attended more than 22 editions of this fair therefore we are recognized as VIP visitors.

CIIE China International Import Fair: During the last 2 years we have represented Latin American companies at the CIIE China International Import Fair and important business rounds with Chinese buyers.