Work team

Our company is made up of a team of Colombian entrepreneurs and collaborators of Chinese nationality who make a perfect synergy for the provision of the services of our portfolio.

Juan Camilo Basto Salazar

Managing Director

Financial administrator of the University of Ibagué. Resident in Guangzhou City, China since 2008, with more than 13 years of experience in international business, related to import and export innovation projects and extensive knowledge of Chinese culture.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Basal Trading with his brother and partner Andrés Basto, and since then, he has actively participated in the international trade agenda, as an assistant, leader and organizer in world-class events such as the Canton Fair, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, China International Import Expo, and high political impact events, such as the Shanghai and Beijing Economic Forum, which took place within the framework of President Iván Duque’s visit to China.

His extensive knowledge and track record enabled him, in 2019, to become a member of the board of the Colombian Chinese Chamber of Investment and Commerce (CCCHIC), a role from which it continues to work on the commitment to bring trade relations between these two countries closer and closer.

Andrés Basto Salazar

Commercial director

Business advisor and commercial consultant, with more than 10 years of experience in the Chinese market and in advising Latin American companies for investment, purchase and foreign trade business development.

He lived in China for 7 years, where he dealt with the logistics and commercial management of Basal Trading, a company that he founded with his brother and partner Juan Camilo Basto; he has lived in Colombia, his country of origin, for the last 3 years and from there he has dedicated himself to build bridges between the markets of both regions, and to advise Colombian entrepreneurs in commercialization processes with Asian continent countries.

With his skill and knowledge of Chinese business culture, he has led the organization of trade missions for more than 50 delegations of private companies in Hong Kong and at the Canton Fair, an event where he has participated in more than 16 editions. Likewise, he has designed and launched talks and seminars focused on providing clear and simple information on how to do business in China, in which a total of 300 Colombian companies have participated.

Since 2019, he has been an investment guide advisor at the Ibagué Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, entity to which he served as a consultant for its consolidation. He also cooperated with Araujo & Ibarra, one of the most important international trade consulting agencies in Colombia.

Our team in Colombia and China

Manuel Basto

Brand and product development.

Luisa Fernanda Ramírez

Administrative Accounting Coordinator.

Jaime Llano

Customs and International cargo Logistics

Lucy L.

Development in textile manufacturing processes.

Jhon Xu

Development in textile manufacturing processes.

Lissa Xie

Assistance and support in
supply chain management