India, a country of 1,300 million inhabitants, with an annual economic growth of 7%, has been promoting the development of different sectors such as Business Process Outsourcing -BPO-, health, textiles, automotive, motorcycles, iron, steel, plastics, cinema, education, among others, which has made it a market of opportunities for international trade.

BASAL TRADING identified these opportunities and started operations in this country with the support of the Colombia India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, through strategic alliances with different unions, entities, and local suppliers. Our company, which has more than ten years of experience in the Chinese market, has decided to expand its coverage area, which will benefit our customers, who will have new offers of products and services.

Our commercial director, Andrés Basto Salazar, was part of the Colombian commission that was invited to the Source India 2019 fair in the City of Mumbai, where participated 150 buyers from 40 countries of Latin America, Africa, Europe and the south from Asia. This commission was also composed by the vice president of the board of directors of the Colombia India Chamber of Commerce and Industry Guillermo Acevedo, and more than seven high experienced businessmen in the textile sector.

Results of the participation in this fair

During the participation in the fair, relationships were strengthened with the directors of SRTEPC (The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council) which, since 1954, is one of the oldest export promotion councils in the Republic of India with more than 3,000 affiliated companies. This organization has promoted the exports of different textiles that have exceeded the sales barrier of 9 billion USD. Currently, the Republic of India exports to more than 140 countries, becoming the second largest yarn producer in the world with a production of 2,655 million kilograms and 27,889 million square meters of cloth annually.

The Colombian team learned about the exhibition of new products, innovations, and trends in fashion from 125 leading exporters from all over the Republic of India. They also had the opportunity to interact and strength relationships with different suppliers, logistics operators and other visitors from different parts of the world.

“We see many opportunities to import raw materials and supplies in Latin America to transform them into the destination country, generating products with added value, employment and opportunities to export finished products, all this, as a part of the many benefits of being part of a global market” Andrés Basto Salazar.

Our company provides you with the experience and knowledge to represent you safely and successfully in your business operations with the Republic of India, minimizing risks and identifying reliable suppliers for the operation of your business, this way we continue connecting markets.


Basal Trading Communications Team

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