10 years of service

Connecting markets

We develop services and international business through representation under the Front/Back Office model.

Back Office

Purchases in Asian factories, consultancy in supplier selection, quality control, monitoring and production control.

Factory Audit

Existence, legality and location of a supplier that has an infrastructure and production capacity, quality certifications, among others.

Inspection, monitoring and control

Product quantities by sampling, quality of materials, dimensions, measurements, sizes, designs and technical specifications.

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We are an option with extensive knowledge in the market and the support that more than 10 years of experience give us.

“After a few years of work experience in Colombia and always in the constant search for new opportunities, we managed to enter the Chinese market, in the area of quality control and factory audits. Based on this experience, Basal International Commerce was born, as a purchasing agent for recognized brands in Colombia; and in search of supplying new needs detected in the market, it takes a turn becoming Basal Trading”

Specialized services

Basal with a wide portfolio offers you customized solutions

A little history

Teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship are the ingredients that make Basal a reality today, in Continental China, Colombia and the Hong Kong SAR Special Administrative Region.
Our business idea was born with the perspective of satisfying needs, generating trust, strengthening human relationships, entering new markets that were competitive to generate an attractive value proposition through the back office and business process outsourcing (BPO) and facilitating the subcontracting of internal or external service providers of a company in any Latin American country.


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